What is going on in the Markets?

23 Mar 2010

Much of the main stream press is calling an end to the recession buoyed by significant rallies on world markets since reaching record lows in March 2009. Australian Treasurer Wayne Swan has... Read more
The Federal Government's response to The Henry Review

03 May 2010

On the 2nd of May 2010, the Rudd government finally released the long awaited reform on the Australian taxation system as well as their response on the suggested changes for tax reform. Many... Read more
Interest Rates have increased - again

04 May 2010

The Reserve Bank has increased the offical cash rate by 0.25% to 4.50%. Read more
Is investing through Superannuation in Sydney Important?

05 May 2010

Many Sydney people consider investing through superannuation purely because of tax reasons. However, tax alone should  not be the only concern when considering investing through... Read more
Is tax free income possible, Sydney?

11 May 2010

Does tax free income sound too good to be true, Sydney? Well, its not! But there is a catch, you need to meet a few conditions:- – The money must be in the superannuation environment; –... Read more
Robin Hood Budget: Will it help the economy?

12 May 2010

The treasurer, Wayne Swan, had called it the ‘no frills’ budget – and it certainly was. Since last week’s government response to the Henry Review, tonight’s budget was more like; we have... Read more
Tax Planning Ideas for individuals

16 May 2010

April and May are traditional tax planning time. We have put together some last minute ideas for you to consider so you can better manage the tax outcome. As a firm we promote... Read more
What's going on in the Markets? - Part II

19 May 2010

We start today’s conversation by reflecting on a salient point raised in our previous blog post which asked the question “Are things really that good? Can our share market continue to rise... Read more
Crisis moves to Spain.....and Hungary!!!!!!!!!!

08 Jun 2010

If you thought Greece was in trouble (and it is), the alarm bells ringing in Spain are cause for greater concern. The 8th largest economy in the world by GDP (nominal) has gone from one of... Read more
Zero Stamp Duty on property purchases - conditions apply

09 Jun 2010

The housing and construction industry was the biggest beneficiary in the budget handed down by the NSW state government on the 8th June 2010. In a move that copies a similar policy to... Read more
Interview with a Financial Adviser

14 Jun 2010

  1.       Alex, as one of our senior advisers, what investment trends have emerged particularly in the superannuation environment? Since the commencement of the Global Financial Crisis... Read more
Tax Tips and Traps for Small and Medium Enterprises

21 Jun 2010

Following from our tax tips for individuals before the 30th June 2010, we have asked various experts from Economos Chartered Accountants to put together some tips and traps before closing... Read more